Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week 51

I think I miscounted weeks somewhere along the way.... 

5 pounds down this week!  And SO CLOSE to ONEDERLAND!!!

So I've continued with the Ketosis diet and it's worked!  I "cheated" a little bit last night and indulged in Pumpkin Ice Cream from Merrymead. 

I'm staying consistent with working out 4 days per week.  Saturday I have a Vino & Vinyasa event at the gym and I'm SO excited to do it!  I've fallen in love with yoga so much! 

I have some exciting stuff going on that I can't wait to share...  but it's still in the works!  So, stay tuned for that! 

Until then....

High Weight: 324
Starting Weight: 318
Surgery Weight: 300
Today's Weight: 200.8
Total Loss: 123.2
Next goal....  199 pounds...  1.8 pounds to go!