Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 49

Down 1.4 pounds this week!  I got scared on Monday because I was up to 209 and change.  I did some drinking over the weekend and it caught up to me very fast! 

I'm on a ketosis diet for two weeks.  It's basically super high proteins and very low carbs.  It's really the way I should be eating when all the other stuff doesn't creep its way in. 

I've had to back off my workouts now that I'm back at work and the girls are back to school.  But, I've been managing to get in two during the week and two on the weekends so I'm at 4 workouts per week.  I'm still pretty proud of that.  I've been doing spin, yoga (including hot yoga which I'm loving!) and barre.  I've backed off the weight type classes for right now in an effort to get more cardio in. 

The big news this week is that I signed up for my SCHWINN spin instructor class!  It's on 10/29 and it's a full day 9 hour class.  I'm really excited about it and a little nervous.  It's a big step I'm taking... 

My ONE YEAR follow-up apt is in Tuesday, 10/4 with my bariatric doctor.  I'm excited to see how far I've come.  They have my pre-op picture on my patient folder.  It'll be nice to get a year post-op to go with that! 

That's about it for now. 

High Weight: 324
Starting Weight: 318
Surgery Weight: 300
Today's Weight: 205.8
Total Loss: 118.2
Next goal....  199 pounds...  6.8 pounds to go! 

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  1. You go, girl! It's all about balance, and you are proving to be a master juggler!