Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two Weeks

Two weeks post-op and I'm down 3.4 pounds this week.  That's 30 pounds since the start of my adventure and 11.4 pounds since surgery two weeks ago.  

I'm still having a hard time getting all of my fluids in.  I can only sip all day and when I'm working it isn't the first thing on my mind.  No excuse though... I have to stay on top of it. 

 Today I'm going to join the gym down the street from me.  A few friends belong to it and like it so I'm hoping I will too.  With it only being 5 minutes away, I have no excuse not to go.  

I'm starting to see the loss in my clothes.  Yesterday I wore a dress I bought online back in the spring.  When it came I was disappointed because it was too tight.  Now?  It loose on me.  I see it in my neck and upper chest as well as my belly.  My jeans are wicked loose on me right now.  The only 5hing with pants is I'm having a hard time buttoning them because the button lays right on top of one of my incisions.  I'm using the ponytail holder trick to keep them closed.  Lol. 

I have my post-op appt today.  For the first time I won't be nervous when I walk into the office. Instead I feel proud and confident.  I did it.  I'm a success.  And I'm going to continue to be successful.  

Thanks for all of the love and support!  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

According to Sarah....

I have this friend, we'all call her Sarah.  Because well, her name is Sarah.  Poor Sarah has heard me talk about food for the past week more than anybody would like.  She humors me though because she's sort of an okay friend.

Anyway, Sarah believes I've become a foodie over the last week.  She is trying to teach me the lingo so I actually sound like one.  Poor Sarah is from Washington and doesn't understand that water is actually pronounced wooder.  She also doesn't know what water ice is.  Let's take a moment to feel bad for Sarah.

I've become a huge fan of Pinterest as of late.  It has countless recipes for things I can eat.  Now my diet contains low carb and high protein.  I want to make every bite count. If it's not absolutely scrumptious it's not going in my mouth.  What's the point of eating an okay meal?

This weekend I baked oatmeal muffins, chocolate pumpkin muffins and apple butternut squash soup. I also cooked tomato basil soup on Thursday.  I didn't taste the oatmeal muffins yet but everything else was absolutely worth eating!  The chocolate muffin I only stole a tiny bite of Zoey's.

Here's the recipe for the apple butternut squash soup:

I think next time I'll put 2-3 apples in it so I can actually taste them.  The soup was outstanding, but you can't detect the apple taste.

Here is the tomato basil soup recipe:

Here is the recipe for the chocolate pumpkin muffins

Disclaimer: this recipe is for donuts but I don't have a donut pan.  I may invest int one of These at some point because who doesn't love mini donuts?

Here is the link for the oatmeal muffins:

Sorry, I don't have a picture of the ones I made.  The girls had a blast putting the toppings on them.  They ate them right up warm out of the oven.

And with that, I say goodnight. Always nice to leave people salivating.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

One week post-op

292. One week post-op and I've lost 8 pounds.  That's 26 pounds all together.  I made a comparison to Bill yesterday that Hannah was 24 pounds when she was one year old.  I've lost an entire one year old Hannah.  😀

Healing wise I'm doing well.  I'm sore on my right side.  Getting out of bed a little tough still.  I have to make sure to get up with my knees versus my abs.  The girls have been really good around my belly and making sure they don't hug me the wrong way.  Bill has gone above and beyond with his help.  

My doctor has been great. He's called me three times over the past week to make sure I'm feeling okay.  My success is their success so it makes sense.  If anyone is thinking about this in the slightest, I'd highly recommend them.  E-mail me for details...  

So far my diet has been limited to protein shakes, water, vitamin water zero, sugar free jello and sugar free Popsicles.  I was able to drink chicken broth as well but started gagging on the taste so I out that aside.  

Today my good friend, Tricia, is picking me up to go grocery shopping.  I get to start soup and Greek yogurts today!  I'm so stinking excited!  I'm making tomato basil and butternut squash/Apple.  If I'm successful I'll post the recipes over the weekend.  

I'm making small goals for myself along the way.  My first goal was to be at 290 by Halloween.  With such a large loss to go, small goals are the way to go.  When I get to bigger goals (ex. 50 pounds lost) I'll reward myself with a better fitting shirt, new jeans, etc.  luckily I have smaller clothes to transition into right now.  Along the way I'll likely look at consignment stores or eBay for smaller clothes.  I'm not spending full price on clothes that I won't fit into for a while,  

Okay, im off!  Thank you to everyone for all of your support, I can't do it without you all!  Xoxo!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

3 days post-op

It's very early Sunday morning.  I came home Saturday morning.  Surprisingly, I feel really good!  It's hard to get out of bed since our bed is pretty low to the floor.

Thursday I had to be at the hospital at 7:15.  Things moved pretty quickly and I was prepped for surgery in about an hour.  Around 8:30 I said bye to Bill and was wheeled away to the OR.  The nurses made small chat with me for a few minutes while they got things ready and then the nurse anesthetist was ready.  I was asleep within two minutes of her saying she was going to give me something to help me relax.

I'm told they woke me up at the end of surgery to remove my breathing tube but I don't remember that at all.  I'm also told I had the dry heaves in the elevator on the way up to my room.  Again I don't remember a thing.  Funny enough, the first thing I remember is waking up cursing because the pain in my right side was so bad.  I did that a lot between 12:00-4:00.  I'd wake up cursing, telling the nurse I was going to throw up (only to just have gas) and just saying how much it hurt!  I wasn't really with it, but I do remember thinking what the eff did I just do!?!

Around 4:00-5:00, I finally woke up.  Bill was sitting next to me and the nurse got me out of bed and into a chair so I could get moving.  This helped release the gas they put in me during the surgery.  I had a lot of shoulder pain from the gas as well.  The rest of the night I took a walk in the hall two times and rested in bed.

Friday Bill came into the hospital to see me around 9:00.  I was feeling pretty good.  We walked the halls a couple of times.  The main source of my pain is a 2" incision on my right side.  This is where they inserted the instruments and where they took my stomach out.  So it makes sense that it is more sore than the other incisions.

The doctor came in around 2:00 that day asking how I was feeling.  He asked if I was ready to go home, etc.  I said though I was feeling good, I think I'd rather stay for another day.  The logistics of having someone there if I need them, getting in and out of bed was easy and overall just being more comfortable with being at the hospital the 1-2 days after surgery.

The rest of Friday went similar to the beginning half.  I walked the halls more and just rested.  If you've ever been hospitalized, you know it is next to impossible to actually rest in the hospital.  I woke up around 5:00 Saturday morning and did a lap around the whole floor.  It felt good to be moving.  I got in the shower which felt great.

Around 7:00 the doctor came in to check on me and said I could be discharged.  Bill came to get me and take me home.  He brought a pillow with him to make the ride more comfortable.  Since being home, I've been up and down the stairs twice which is relatively easy.  Getting out of bed is the hardest challenge.  It takes ab muscles which are very sore right now.

I ask you for continued prayers!  But I think the worst is over.  Here we go!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Today is the day

and I hit my pre-surgery goal....

I'm a huge ball of nerves....  Wish me luck and say a prayer! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

11.6 Pounds

11.6 pounds gone!  I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleasently surprised! 

I didn't realize how much I'd lose before the actual surgery.  I am doing well so far with the Protein shakes.  I've had a few cravings, but they pass. 

I've bee comparing this week to the week before Hannah was born.  I knew the date and have been anticipating it.  I'm anxious for it to get here quickly!  I'm excited and still nervous but the anticipation is the worst. 

I'll check in the day before surgery again.  Until then, I ask for prayers that everything goes the way it should.  ONE WEEK from today!  EEP!