Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 19

1.4 pounds gone this week!  And...  another goal met! 

I'm pretty proud of myself for having lost this week.  When I came home from my trip on Monday night I was up 2 pounds from the imbibing I had done over the weekend.  The good thing is I can hold my liquor.  The bad thing is I can hold my liquor.  LOL! 
I'm back at exercising.  I took a spin class yesterday that is a beginner/intermediate class.  I LOVE the place I take classes.  The instructors and owner are so nice.  They genuinely care about your health and look forward to seeing you in class!  I much prefer going there vs going to the gym.  The gym is something I HAVE to do, the classes are something I WANT to do.  Huge difference. 
I started looking into the Beachbody workouts.  Just to have the convenience of having something at home to do.  I like the look of the CIZE workouts.  And I think the girls would really like to do that with me! 
I had my post-op apt last week with my Surgeon.  He's really happy with my progress thus far.  My next appointment is in April.  He predicted I would be down about 90 pounds by then.  I'm determined to prove him wrong and be at 100 pounds...  So there is my next goal.  By April 7th I'd like to be at 224 pounds (100 pounds down).  That is 6 weeks from today.  If I keep my food, fluids and exercise tight I CAN do it!  That's an average of 3.3 pounds per week. 
I'm looking forward to the nicer weather so I can get outside and start running.  I think I blogged before about a 5k coming up that I'm signed up for.  I need to start running outside so I can train for it. 
That's about it for today.  Until next week.... 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 18

2.6 pounds gone! 
I'm so close to 80 pounds gone!  Sorry for the brevity of this post but I'm on my way to Florida with a couple of girlfriends!  I'll check back in next week!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week 17 continued


I'm out of the 250's!!!
Lost 5.8 pounds since week 15.  I'm pretty much throwing out week 16 all together since I was in the hospital. 
Today is the first day I'm back at work and I'm feeling good.  I was a little sore getting out of the car because I haven't sat in the car for that long but I'll get there. 
I'm itching to get back to the gym and classes.  I'm really missing spin class. 
I have a 5k coming up in April I need to get ready for.  It's to benefit preeclampsia which I had with both pregnancies.  So, if you're FB friends with me prepare to be SPAM'd with donation requests soon.  ;-)  My goal is to raise $250.00. 
My next mini goal is to hit 235 pounds.  That will put me at my wedding weight and the last time I remember feeling really good about myself and happy with how my body looked.  Of course, my body has changed a lot since then and I'm carrying my weight in different places (thank you girls!). 
Next week I'm going to Florida to see a bestie and it'll be the first time I'll be in a bathing suit in a long time.  I still need to go get a new bathing suit bottom because the one I used to have is WAY too big on me and falls off.  The top is stretchy enough that it's still okay. 
That's about it for today. 
High Weight: 324
Starting Weight: 318
Surgery Weight: 300
Today's Weight: 248.2
Total Lost: 75.8 pounds
Until next week... 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 17

so, I was in the hospital for 5 days. I had severe pain during week 15 on a Wednesday. I left work early, went home to lay down and the pain got worse.  Very early on Thursday morning a friend took me to the hospital.  Pancreatitis again.  After doing some tests my surgeon decided it was time for my gall bladder to come out.  He said there were a lot of micro stones in it.

I gained 12 pounds in the hospital from fluid retention.  After a week home I've lost that weight.  This am I was 251.8.  I'll do the official weigh-in on Thursday morning and do another post.  I wanted to be under 250 by the time I went to Florida (next weekend!) so I may just be able to get there!

Until Thursday....