Friday, October 13, 2017

Two Years

It's been two years since my surgery.  Hard to believe!  Two years ago I was in a lot of pain and had no idea what was in store for me.  Two years ago I was questioning if I did the right thing because I was in so much pain.  Two years ago I waas scared. 

So...  lets get caught up to date.  I'm now teaching Pound at the Spring Valley YMCA 3 times a week!  Two of those classes are family classes and they are amazing!  To see kids moving is a phenomenal feeling!  I'm going to be adding in a Spin class soon. 

I read last week on a FB group for spinners about this woman who is lost with her music because she picks the same music all the time.  The music did really well in one class and so she kept the same playlist.  And people stopped coming.  It was obvious to me why...  the music got stale.  But it taught me a lesson.  That just because I really like a certain style of music, maybe someone else doesn't.  So this week I went out of my comfort zone (doing a lot of that lately!) and picked a song for pound that isn't necessarily my jam.  And people loved it!  And opnce I saw how much they loved it, it made me love it.  So, Fall out boy, if you're reading this (which of course, you are... you have nothing better to do than read my blog - right?!) you're on the setlist for a few weeks.  ;-)

Teaching classes has been amazing.  Not only do I get to meet so many new people, I get to witness people making time for themselves!  In this busy world of hustle and overbooked calendars, it shocks me that people continue to make time for themselves!  I had one woman in class last week who came up to me after class and thanked me.  I asked why she was thanking me.  She responded by saying "This is my first class at the YMCA and my first time exercising in three years.  Your class was energizing and FUN!"  I gave her a huge hug.  THAT!  That right there is why I teach.  I love that people WANT to take my class and it's not necessarily a chore!  I want my class to be the class where they feel like they can unleash their inner rockstar and go all out!  I want them to return and look forward to the next class!  And most of all, I want them to sweat.  And sweat she did!  Her hair was so wet and it was the highlight of my week! 

My life has changed so much in the past two years.  And I'm not even talking abou the scale.  Acceptance and Understanding.  Acceptance that I'm not yet at my goal weight and understanding that so much goes into it rather than just food or just exercise.  You can't out-exercise a bad diet.  Just like you can't eat off the weight.  Exercise and eating go hand in hand.  I'm not saying you have to be at the gym 6 days a week.  But, a balance of the two.  If you overdo it on food, be conscience of that and what you need to do to work that off.  And if you're eating crap but working out 6 days a week, be aware of that. Healthy moderation always in all ways. 

To wrap things up, I leave you with a picture that means so much to me!  This was my first class at the YMCA.  There are a lot of friends in the pictures that mean so much to me! 

Monday, March 6, 2017

This is 40

40...  I never thought I'd be excited to turn 40.  Never.  But this year...  I'm very excited! 

Most things in my life are exactly where I'd like them.  I've finally found myself and who I was meant to be.  Two years ago, I never would have thought I would say that.  But, with 6 days to go until I'm 40 it's absolutely true. 

The most obvious thing is my weight loss and exercise regime.  I feel at home in the gym.  Teaching classes gives me this euphoria that is unexplainable.  To have a class full of people showing up week after week and dedicating that time to themselves...  to making their hearts, mind, and body healthy...  it's a fabulous feeling!  I'm so happy that I'm in the place in my life where I can help other people help themselves. 

I'm literally at the same weight that I was in January.  I've dropped a few pounds and gained it...  but you know what?  I've rolled with it.  I'm not obsessed with the scale like I once was.  It's a good feeling!! 

Another thing that has fallen into place for me this past year is my spirituality.  I have found a new church that I love and has made me feel so welcome.  It's a joy to go to services weekly which shocks me.  It's been a long time since I've been to church and when I did go it was out of obligation instead of want.  Finding Jesus again in my life has been a page turner.  I find myself praying and listening to his message more now than I ever had. 

My family...  Bill and I debated for a while whether we wanted a third baby or not.  If you've known me for a while, you know that my body does NOT like being pregnant.  Like, at all.  We had losses and they are hard.  It makes you even more grateful for your babies.  I'm not getting any younger and children aren't getting any less expensive.  So, I think we are confident in our decision to keep our family the size it currently is.  If God decides differently, we'd welcome it but I like where we are right now. 

My marriage...  I don't give Bill enough credit.  I know I am not an easy person to live with at times.  I'm stubborn and have a temper.  But we've been working on things and getting ourselves into a good place.  It's hard....  nobody warns you that marriage is hard work when you're young and in love with the big heart eyes. 

I love Bill so much.  He's good for me and we are good for each other.  We get on each other's nerves at times but I think that is totally natural.  I think that's just the nature of living with another person.  He's an awesome dad and works hard for his family. 

My friends...  I have an amazing support group of friends both local and across the country who I count on to listen, to make me laugh, to lend a shoulder to cry on at times.  And I couldn't be more lucky. 

So 40....  bring. it. on. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!  And to kick it off a fun night out with girlfriends on Saturday night! 

Monday, January 2, 2017


There it is.  My weight on 1/2/2017. 
That's the last time I'll see the 200's again. 
I know all in all I only had a 2 pound weight gain over the holidays and that's pretty good.  But, I also know that even though it's only two pounds the quality of my food has diminished.  I haven't been eating what I should.  I also haven't been working out as much as I should (for numerous reasons).  It ends today. 
Tomorrow I begin a two week cleanse.  Today I started working out again.  It was hard to get back into it, but I'm SO glad I did.  I took a hot yoga class with Brenda and it was amazing.  I love how strong I feel after a hot yoga class. 
I've come a long way over the past year.  But, I still have a while to go.  I cannot will not allow myself to slack any more.  I will not allow myself to gain any more.  I have a goal to meet and I WILL meet it. 
Everyone always has such great goals for the New Year.  Lose weight, get healthy, quit smoking, etc.  My goal? More patience.  More patience for myself...  more patience with my children...  more patience with my husband.  Please note I said goal...  not resolution.  I believe resolutions were made to be broken.  Goals are meant to be met.  To be earned.  To be worked for.  Goals.  Goals allow you the grace to stumble and get back up.  Goals allow you to hop back on that horse.  Goals. 
Of course, a large goal I have for myself is to meet that number on the scale.  However, the bigger picture is health.  The bigger picture is understanding that the number may not move or move slowly.  The bigger picture is focusing on getting stronger, on building muscle and keeping myself in check.  The bigger picture is doing this not only for my family but for myself.  The bigger picture. 
What are your goals for the new year?  How will you improve on yourself? 
Check-in's will now be on Mondays as I feel that keeps me even more accountable over the weekend. 
Until next week....